Historic Wicker Park Mansion

Historic Wicker Park Mansion Private Garden – Chicago, Illinois Sitting on four city lots in historic Wicker Park, this 1879 Victorian home could accommodate a generous program.  Project goals included designing two front entries with corresponding gardens, creating a private sitting space within this very prominent location, and integrating traditional Victorian garden elements into the… Details

Morrill Math and Science School

Donald L. Morrill Math and Science School Public Work – Chicago Public School Learning Garden Morrill School organized a design committee to work with Openlands and together they developed a program focusing on storm water management and outdoor instruction. The classroom space evolved into amphitheater-style seating with lawn panels for learning in a relaxed environment.… Details

Swift Hall Cloister Garden

Swift Hall Cloister Garden Public Work – University of Chicago The Divinity School sought to create a cloister garden deserving of the lovely setting created by Swift Hall and Bond Chapel. While based on traditional cloister designs of highly organized, intimate spaces, this cloister garden is uniquely open on one side to a large quad… Details

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour Private Garden – Lake Forest, Illinois After visiting a private neighborhood garden, the owners dreamed of converting their property of Buckthorn, stagnant water, and vast lawn into a sophisticated, park-like garden of their own.  The design lays out a series of garden rooms and corridors, initiating movement and exploration between spaces.  Stone walkways… Details

Woodland Walled Garden

Woodland Walled Garden Private Garden – Lake Forest, Illinois  Positioned on a corner lot in Lake Forest, the client’s goal was to create a private backyard oasis within the beautiful woodland setting. The design concepts worked to provide intimacy within the expansive yard by separating entertaining areas; this also allowed for the preservation of some… Details

Evergreen Academy

Evergreen Academy Public Work – Chicago Public School Learning Garden Evergreen Academy developed a program with Openlands to facilitate interactive learning with outdoor classrooms, native plantings, and a vegetable garden. In an effort to promote ownership of this garden, the students were involved from the initial brainstorming sessions through the actual garden install; they planted… Details

English Manor

English Manor  Private Garden – Winnetka, Illinois After undergoing an intense renovation and rear addition, this English Manor home was transformed into a beautiful showpiece. Located in Winnetka, the master plan for this property involved a close collaboration between Culliton Quinn, the homeowner, architect, and civil engineer. Much of the rear yard sits in the… Details

Lincoln Park High School

Lincoln Park High School Public Work – Chicago Public School Outdoor Classroom Working with the non-profit organization, Openlands, Lincoln Park High School wanted to overhaul their existing amphitheater space that was no longer being utilized to its full potential. The new design incorporates a rain garden and native plantings to provide an educational experience for… Details

Victorian Stroll Garden

Victorian Stroll Garden Private Garden – Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois Like many historic homes of the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago, this Victorian home dates back to the late 1800s. The initial design process focused on gaining an understanding of Victorian architecture and accompanying landscapes of the time. The home consists of limestone, brownstone, red… Details

Eastern Shore Plantation

Eastern Shore Plantation Private Garden – Easton, Maryland Stretching along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this thirty acre waterfront estate features a southern plantation home and sprawling formal gardens. Intensive research was extremely important to fully understand the property’s history and maintain site sensitivity throughout the project. The main entry gates and drive, associated with the original… Details