Eastern Shore Plantation
Private Garden – Easton, Maryland

Stretching along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this thirty acre waterfront estate features a southern plantation home and sprawling formal gardens. Intensive research was extremely important to fully understand the property’s history and maintain site sensitivity throughout the project. The main entry gates and drive, associated with the original estate development, date back to 1887; they have since been restored to create a dramatic one mile entrance into the wooded site. Historically, the property was known to be a boxwood farm which greatly influenced the design process. Large areas of overgrown perennial beds were replaced with pristine lines of boxwood and yews; the bold, clipped hedges define the garden spaces and accentuate views to the waterfront. Stylized planters are designed seasonally to create year-round interest against the evergreen backdrop. Themed gardens have been introduced for visual exploration throughout the property. An herb garden is located off the kitchen; a refined perennial garden lines the visual corridor to the water; and a blue garden, featuring a custom bench from England, is enclosed by a wall of Hornbeams. These interconnected gardens allow for strolling around the entire property.