Culliton Quinn is a Chicago-based landscape architecture studio, established in 2004 by Brian Culliton and Tony Quinn. While the core of our work is primarily residential, we continue to expand on our public work with outdoor learning gardens, school campus plans, university work, and boutique hotels. Site sensitivity and fine detailing are apparent in every design concept from large-scale spaces to small, intimate gardens.

At CQ, we believe well-conceived landscapes can change the way people live.  Our design process entails a thorough exploration of spatial relationships to achieve the best design for each site. Thoughtful circulation, careful plant selections, and tree preservation can be seen in all of our projects.  While not always fully native, our plant palettes are comprised of plants extremely adaptive to the project’s region. Planting styles may vary greatly depending upon a site’s history, architecture, or a client’s design preferences.

Over the years, we have built relationships with talented contractors that we trust. From landscapers and masons, to carpenters and ironworkers, to lighting and irrigation contractors, we assemble a group of bidders to offer our clients an outstanding landscape within a competitive environment.  Culliton Quinn oversees project implementation to manage costs and ensure a superior product.  Like with any creative process, we make adjustments in the field to fine-tune our design.

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We often collaborate with allied professionals to form a project team. These collaborations may include a project architect, interior designer, civil and structural engineers, a horticulturist, and specialized tradesmen. The ongoing team dialogue keeps the project on the right track, with each discipline offering their expertise as needed.

At CQ Landscape Architects, we travel at every opportunity to study and admire the work of our colleagues. Our company trips abroad have included the English countryside, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. We have also extensively toured gardens all over the country for design inspiration. These outings have taken us all over the world to experience the top landscape architecture and inspire our own work.

Our website is a sampling of our work over the years, and we greatly thank our clients and friends for allowing us to work with them in creating these gardens. Culliton Quinn could not be where we are today without their participation, challenges, and investment.

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