Northern Woods Lodge
Public Work – Master Plan for Historic Wisconsin Site

Surrounded by a 5000 acre pristine lake, wetlands, and vast forest land, this fishing and hunting lodge was built in 1892 and has been a popular family retreat ever since. The design scope focused on reworking the entry to the main lodge and adjacent cabins, original to the site. Currently, this area is dominated by a large parking area and vehicular circulation. Historic photos display walking paths between the buildings that, over the years, have been converted to roadways. The design concentrates on relocating the central parking area away from the shoreline, removing vehicular traffic from the cabin areas, and restoring the old pedestrian and golf cart paths. This plan significantly reduces the site runoff to the lake and encourages a more walkable experience for visitors. New site features include bocce ball courts, outdoor dining areas, and a lookout terrace. Wisconsin flagstone walks and gravel roads will help to create a softer transition to the natural setting. Proposed native plantings include young trees, understory shrubs, grasses, and forbs.